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We are the excusive direct importer of the Anti Graffiti System technology preparations and the distributor of these preparations within Poland, and the authorised service contractor.

We are the first ant-graffiti company in Poland; we have been using Swedish anti-graffiti products since 1998 (from Trion Tensid AB of Uppsala). We try to emphasize the social and economic benefits that come with graffiti removal.

Masters Service - is characterized by:
  • Experience - 8 years of experience, tens of thousands of square meters of surfaces protected against graffiti countless square meters of graffiti removed from various surfaces.

  • Expertise ­ We employ a responsible, qualified staff; professional equipment; and efficient management.

  • Efficient technology ­ We use a system of several dozen AGS® products for removal and prevention of which has been successfully used around the world for 23 years.

  • Quick service ­ We know that immediate removal of graffiti (within 24 hours of its creation) is a significant factor in improving its efficient prevention.

  • Competitive, low prices of services ­ we set prices individually, depending on the type of materials used, the size of the order, and the frequency of orders.

Masters Service - offers the following services:
  • Removal of graffiti from unprotected surfaces,
  • Graffiti prevention with a seven-year guarantee and graffiti removal service,
  • Complex anti-graffiti servicing for entire districts or administrative areas which includes:
  • regular monitoring
  • patrols in selected districts accompanied by regular removal of graffiti,
  • removal of graffiti between patrols within 24 hours (or as agreed on, with prior arrangement),
  • graffiti prevention on most vulnerable surfaces,
  • regular reports + photos documenting the course of the above described works,
  • alternatively, an individual plan of protection can be tailored to suit your needs.
  • Trainings in the field of AGS® system implementation (theory and practice),
  • Free, practical presentations of AGS® technology efficiency,
  • Advice in graffiti prevention methods,


M.Wo¼niak, J. Jakubiec - s.c.
ul. Towarowa 26
43-300 Bielsko-Bia³a

+48 (33) 816 80 80
+48 (33) 816 48 48

+48 602 29 34 86
+48 602 33 40 70


And also:
  • Cleaning of façades, monuments, fences, pavements, tiles, glass and other surfaces,
  • Repair and maintenance of façades, fences, walls (pointing, painting, hydrophobisation),
  • Removal and prevention of moss and algae,
  • Removal of chalking and other persistent staining,
  • Removal of chewing gum, posters, stickers, paint, etc.,
  • Varied services requiring climbing,

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